30562003 - business teamwork puzzle piecesPart of the work of a Canadian debt collection agency is to work with others who can make sure we are doing the task according to the laws that govern our land. This is something that we regularly do. We have five partners with whom we work to make sure our work with debtors is above board.

These five groups are also an assurance to you, the clients with whom we work. By belonging to these groups and working with them to ensure compliance and best practices, Debt Control Agency can promise that our work is done the right way.

Here’s a look at each of these groups and what they do.

Credit Association of Greater Toronto
This group has been around for more than 80 years and provides a space where companies that deal with credit can share expertise and guidance on financial matters. They keep up with Canadian business trends and often conduct workshops on what is taking place in all aspects of the credit industry.

RMA Canada
The acronym stands for Receivables Management Association, and as that implies, this is a group that represents that industry. This organization also keeps track of what is going on in the financial world, including compliance and regulations that may change.

This is another acronym that’s a big deal in the world of Canadian finance. CSPN stands for Certification de Securite de Premier Niveau, and it is a first-level security award from ANSSI, which is the France-based security agency for information systems. In order to be CSPN certified, as DCA is, a business has to prove via testing that it is technologically secure and is adhering to strict privacy standards. ANSSI’s evaluation center conducts the security breach tests itself in order to truly give its seal of approval.

ACA International
Although they are based in the U.S., ACA is a trade group that does business in many other countries, including extensively in Canada. The American Collectors Association brings together many facets of the debt collection industry, including agencies, creditors, buyers, attorneys and other service providers. The code of conduct for the industry starts here, and it ensures that companies affiliated with it are compliant with the rules.

There is a Canadian-only equivalent to the ACA as well. The Canadian Society of Collection Agencies used to be based only in Ontario, but it now includes all provinces. The CSCA provides support, guidance and education to its member agencies, and it also insists on high integrity and compliance.

Bringing you the best experience with debt collection

At Debt Control Agency, we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for you, making sure that effective debt collection fits exactly where you are in your business strategy and planning. We are flexible and always customize the solution for your needs.

Among the options you have are first party recovery, early stage delinquency, aged debt and third party collection. Depending on what stage your customer base is at, we can take care of the details while always doing that work in a secure fashion that protects your data.

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