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Debt Control Agency Qualities

Does the agencies management have credentials and commitment to manage your portfolio?

The bottom line is Debt Control Agency delivers the highest rate of return on our client's delinquent receivables and we do it faster. This ultimately means we can generate greater cash flow that has significant impact to our client's bottom line profits. We are experts in the debt collection industry and with our management experience and on-going investments in our staff, technology, and processes to ensure that we continue to be the market leaders in the debt collection industry.

Debt Control Agency also understands that today's delinquent customer can also be tomorrows most profitable to our clients. Thus we employ the highest standards of professionalism while still recovering your outstanding debts. With extensive experience and impeccable track records, our representatives focus on recovering debt while retaining the customer. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible return on each dollar placed. Extensive records of all activities are kept to allow for a systematic follow-up and assessment of collection tactics.

Does the collection agency have the skill, experience and knowledge to collect your accounts?

At DCA, we have dedicated collection teams assigned to industry specific accounts. We ensure that each team consists of individuals who have the knowledge, experience, and skill to be able to handle the nuances of your particular market.

Is the agency affiliated within the collection industry?

DCA is associated with Equifax, TransUnion, Debt Buyers Association, Ontario Society of Collection Agencies, Credit Institute of Canada and Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec and Credit Grantors Association of Greater Toronto.

Does the agency comply with local and national laws?

DCA mandates all employees to conduct their actions according to the following legislatives laws:

  • Federal: Protection Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
  • Federal: Privacy Act
  • Federal: Harmonized Collection Agency Act (Canada)
  • Provincial & Territorial: Collection Agency Act

Does the collection Agency have the appropriate licenses for Debt Collections?

DCA is currently licensed to conduct business throughout Canada. In Addition, all DCA employees' posses a collector license for their corresponding province and territory.

Will the agency represent your business in a professional manner?

DCA will maintain a satisfactory rate of recovery, while maintaining your public image. DCA will take it upon itself to strengthen your profit margin, while ensuring customer retention, and loyalty.

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