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Collecting on Commission

We are specialists in providing our clients the most advanced 3rd party debt collection programs to provide greater cash flow while reducing bad debts. DCA utilizes the most complete set of information gathering tools which allows us to collect faster. Our collection work plans will be harmonized to ensure compliance with your corporate image and collection policy. At DCA, we leverage technology to score assigned debts for the most efficient action plan. This will ensure that we call at the best time to get results.

DCA will initiate a contact with debtors and collect your past due receivables. With our skill and expertise not only do you achieve higher recovery rates, but also greater productivity by letting your employees do what they do best. At the same time, you also maintain control of all accounts. Monthly cap reports will be generated showing all activity on your accounts. All activity reports will be generated and provided to you by your preference of fax, on-line, e-mail transmission or secured web-access.

The Benefits

We will:

  • Eliminate your expenses for letters, phone calls, hiring and training
  • Increase the amount and speed of your cash flow
  • Free up your employees so that they can concentrate on their specialization
  • Speed up payments from accounts
  • Improve customer retention
  • Improve collections
  • Reduce your costs
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