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Debt Control Agency Outsourcing Services

Debt Control Agency offers best-in-class accounts receivable outsourcing solutions providing cash flow optimization to our clients. Our Accounts Receivable Specialists utilize a state-of-the-art, customized Accounts Receivable Management System that will help our clients maximize returns and lower operational collections costs.

Outsourcing collection programs are specifically designed to act as an extension of our client’s credit and collections department. Essentially, we make the first party collection calls on behalf of our client to speed up cash flow from their receivables portfolio. Our approach is guaranteed to maintain the highest level of customer service, professionalism and responsiveness. DCA management will monitor daily outsourcing programs to ensure that follow-ups, status of payments and quality of the calls are consistent with our client corporate requirement and image.

Furthermore we add to this, our knowledge of your industry, collection process design, efficient dispute resolution, reporting analytics and more. Because DCA has deep expertise across multiple industries, we can customize our solutions based on industry-specific nuances in order entry, billing, shipping, dispute resolution and information requirements. DCA outsourcing programs add significant bottom line value to help our clients turn deficiencies into efficiencies, for dramatic and cost-effective improvements to their order-to-cash process.

The technical and human resources aspect of our outsourcing programs will operate as an extension of our client’s credit department. DCA will work within parameters of your credit and collection policy to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) or the Average Rate of Delinquency
  • Reduce bad debt write offs
  • Maintain a high level of customer service consistent with client corporate image
  • Increase sales by allowing our client to focus on their core competencies
  • Increase cash flow
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Manage business cycle demands effectively while controlling operating costs
  • Assist in personal changes or staff short term leave i.e. Matt Leave or Sick Leave employees
  • Limited technical or human resources to meet the business requirements for collections
  • Geographical and Time Zone coverage business needs for our clients
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