The nexus between you and your customers

We are deeply results driven and focused on servicing our clients with the highest quality and care

DCA is a full-service bilingual contact center company in business since 2004. DCA offers the newest solutions which include IVA and RPA technologies. Our programs not only are designed to increase efficiencies but also to provide channels of communications that your patrons are more likely to engage in. At DCA we ensure compliance with your corporate image and policies. Our brand is built on Security, Privacy, Confidentiality, Integrity and above all responsiveness.

At DCA we pride ourselves in the work and service we provide ensuring clients and consumers a positive experience. Our enthusiasm for success helps us to maintain our competitive edge as well as focus on results. We listen carefully to the specific requirements and needs of our clients to ensure DCA continues to deliver the absolute best recovery solutions.

Our Values

The core values of the company are what set us apart from our learned colleagues. These values are the pillars of our foundation as a company.


 People are at the centre of our business and mutual respect is the reason for our success


We believe that honesty and our strong principles contribute to our strong results


Business’s and consumers face challenges everyday – we don’t stop until these challenges are resolved

Our Memberships

DCA is proud to be a part of leading institutions across Canada and North America.

Brand Protection

Privacy and security measures is our highest priority. We act as a safety net for our clients.