Digital displays surrounding us from everywhereHow many texts do you send each day? If you’re like most Canadians, it’s a lot! Text messaging has undoubtedly become the primary way most people worldwide communicate each day. Studies show that as much as 90% of the Canadian population sends and receives text messages daily. Because it’s such a highly utilized and preferred method of communication, it has become an extremely important tool in our debt recovery process. At Debt Control Agency, we utilize texts, also known as SMS (Short Message Service), to help improve our clients’ recovery rates. It’s one of many tools we use to achieve the best results possible for our clients.

The marketing company Dx3 Canada and other groups have compiled some interesting statistics about SMS. Consider:

At DCA, we use texts to inform and reinforce debt payment instructions, issue reminders and late-payment notices, promotions renewals and conduct surveys. As a company, we know what works and what doesn’t and we craft and send text messages that get results.

If done right, SMS provides a direct line of communication with debtors and a way to send messages that are read within minutes and is a good addition to other communication methods, such as a phone call. It’s easier to ignore a phone call. And if a call goes to voicemail, it may not be listened to for hours or days. In an ideal world, automated text reminders are used early in the accounts receivable process, starting even before a bill is due, but they are often useful and effective at any stage in the debt recovery process.

Text messages are just one part of our one-stop delinquent account solution approach that’s customized to help your business accomplish its unique goals and improve its financial results. We carefully craft our SMS messages and make sure they are compliant with all rules and regulations. Compiance, privacy and security are top-of-mind at DCA.

At Debt Control Agency, we offer a wide variety of effective collection solutions tailored to your unique needs. We offer first-party recovery programs, early-stage delinquency, third-party collection programs, aged debt programs, legal services, purchase of receivables, tracing solutions and other debt recovery solutions for companies of all sizes. We’re your delinquent account solution and can collect when others can’t. Our team is highly skilled and multilingual and has industry-leading technology tools at their disposal to work effectively on behalf of our clients. Expect better with us!. Learn more about all of the ways we can help your business on our website.