Call center agents using computers working in officeAs the economy continues to fluctuate, it becomes important to think about cost-savings measures in every area. It can be a difference-maker for some companies looking to continue making progress or those needing an extra boost.

This is where we can help you out. DCA offers several factors that can help with cost savings. Some of them are more obvious or easier to measure than others, but either way, we can show you the way to greater savings.

A one-stop shop for debt collecting needs

The first thing to point out is a pretty simple one: we take care of all of your needs for debt collection. This way, you can focus on strategy and take care of the most pressing business concerns while we focus on working with your customers to close their debts.

Our staff is very experienced in collecting debt. We use time-honored techniques as well as the latest technology to start clearing those debts, all with you at the forefront letting us know what your specific business goals are through regular feedback and checks on progress.

Taking all of the pain points away

Let’s provide you with a list of the varied ways that we can save you the time and money that you’d usually have to spend on debt collection.

Updating technology
You no longer have to spend the money, sometimes as a capital expense, to upgrade this aspect of your business, as we’ll take care of all of that. We also watch for the latest technological developments.

Updating requirements

We can take care of the laborious process of updating new contract requirements for your customers as they make arrangements with us to end their debt with you.

Savings on varied costs

There are lots of areas where working with us can help with costs you may incur. You don’t have to worry about the overhead for buildings or utility use by your own staff. You’ll also save on paying benefits for new employees.

No need for training or hiring
You also won’t have to spend the funds necessary for staffing, rehiring or training. Not only that, but our staff works closely with you and is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns

How we stay on task
As part of our commitment to you, we also spend our own resources to improve what we do for your business. We constantly improve the way we work to best support our clients.

DCA’s agents are measured with specific KPIs and other data to make sure our debt collection techniques are effective. We are also tracking every interaction throughout the process to truly see the steps. Lastly, we monitor everything to not only look at the results but also look at ways to improve the experience.

We also try to decrease the average handling time with customers so we can reach more of our customers more often. We also automate authentication for a more seamless, customer-focused experience.

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