Call centerAlthough you may have tried collecting debt from your customers in the past, there are clearly some pain points that all businesses must overcome to clear that debt from the books. One of the ways that you can help with that debt collection is to hire an agency that has expertise in getting results.

When considering working with a company such as DCA, there are several ways we can add value. Here’s a look at how we can help you with debt collection:

You can receive payment faster

Our agents use techniques and technology to help you recover funds at a faster rate than you could on your own. There’s also a perception among consumers that a collection agency brings a sense of urgency to collections that you may not receive on your own. The idea that the matter needs to be reconciled — and fast — can be a great motivator.

You can reduce business costs

By having experts such as those at DCA on your side, you can realize more savings in certain areas. Costs for utilities, building space, staffing salaries and other elements of doing business can be eliminated or at least curbed with the right support team in place.

By removing this one aspect of your business, you can instead concentrate your profits and budgeting on growth and other aspects of your business that are just as crucial as recovering debt.

You get some expert advice — and results

Time-proven techniques are the hallmark of what a business like DCA uses for debt recovery. By understanding Canadian legalities and using technology that has made collections easier to pursue, an agency like DCA can bring that expertise to your own needs as a business.

We employ methods such as tracer programs to help find customers who’ve fallen out of touch. We also have expertise in how to speak to customers in varied situations, a non-technological skill the best collection companies possess.

Your one-stop business partner for debt collection

At the Debt Control Agency, we can also customize the solution for you, making sure that effective debt collection fits exactly where you are in your own business strategy and planning.

Among the options you have are first-party recovery, early-stage delinquency, aged debt and third-party collection. Depending on the need, we can take care of the details while always doing that work with security in mind to protect your data.

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