76329122_MBusiness transactions of all types are dominated by technology. It’s a virtual world and with that becomes a renewed need for heightened privacy and security.

Here are two distinct brand protection programs that Debt Control Agency uses to ensure we are in compliance with privacy and security measures in our industry. It’s a safety net that can be a valuable asset for you to have — and the great news is you don’t have to worry about handling this aspect of your business itself.

Here’s a look at two different organizations we work with when it comes to privacy and security, with details from each of their governing bodies to help explain what they measure and why they’re important for a debt collection business to participate.

Safety net No. 1: PCI DSS Compliance

The acronym above stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. As such, the PCI Security Standards Council can ensure that a company is compliant with credit card information privacy. Storage, processing and transmission of customer information via credit card companies are what they are most concerned with.

Among the standards they require are to ensure data is encrypted, firewalls are used, data and physical access to data are restricted, and software is always updated. That’s just a handful of the requirements for this stringent but effective certification.

Safety net No 2: SOC 2 Compliance (Type 1)
This is another standard that speaks to managing customers’ unique identifying data. The SOC, or security operations center, compliance stamp of approval is given by an international group of CPAs.

To be SOC 2 compliant, you need to show that your security, availability, confidentiality, privacy and processing integrity are strong. For DCA, we’re compliant in Type 1, which means that our system design is compliant with these five requirements. To be a Type 2 SOC, operational efficiency is measured.

Safety and security are important to us 

With these two types of compliance, DCA can provide the most secure and trusted methods for collecting debt from your customers. By ensuring a high level of security, we can bring peace of mind to you while still fully protecting the data rights of your clients and partners.

It’s just one aspect of what we can provide businesses. From customer care programs to the use of the latest technology, we are a full-service company for your debt collection needs. Find out more at http://debtcontrolagency.com.