?????????????????????????????????????????????Employers: are you looking for a way to cut costs significantly, but don’t know where else to streamline? This is a common problem that many entrepreneurs face, and it can feel overwhelming when you sit back and look at the nuances of every part of your business. Incorporating a bespoke service for your client account management and debt collection can be a powerful way to save big this upcoming year. In this article, we examine the additional ways that you can save and benefit by streamlining your collections processes today.

One of the benefits of allowing a professional collections service to assist with your process is the hundreds or thousands of dollars that you could be saving in all aspects of your business (not just client account recuperation). Here’s a list of just a few ways that you can start saving today:

Cost savings aren’t the only benefit that you can enjoy when it comes to streamlining your business process. Your clients will enjoy additional benefits of a customer experience that is tailored to their needs and is designed to help recover accounts with methods that are proven to be effective. Your clients can expect text and email outreach, competent account liaisons to assist them with inquiries, and extended service hours with trained collections representatives on the line to help them. The benefits here can’t be overstated. When you have a team that your clients can trust that is communicative, transparent, and driven by a desire to assist, your clients will be more inclined to work with them directly when it comes to recovering the account.

Our one-call resolution system is something that sets us apart and helps us to meet our goal of ultimate customer satisfaction with every call. We have representatives fluent in a variety of languages to ensure a better collections experience for everyone involved.

Are you ready to start today? DCA is here to help. Visit our website or give us a call at 416-482-0988 for more information.