Mixed race women team working in call centerThe decision to seek help from a collection agency is one that a business should not take lightly. A mix of experience, empathy and technology is the right combination to bring the best services to businesses who need support with collecting their customers’ debt.

Whether you’re collecting debts on your own, or you have a vendor that is doing this for you, it’s always a good thing to take a step back to determine how to best meet their needs. In our estimation, being focused on results and delivering those with the most care and highest quality is what really distinguishes a collection agency.

The news website Business News Daily had a great list of what it takes to evaluate a collection agency. Among the traits they suggest for the best companies are as follows:

Expertise in B2B practices

Finding an agency that is well versed in B2B can be a big plus, as opposed to an agency more used to collecting from B2C clients only.

Tactics and techniques
It’s important to find out specifics on how debts are collected, to make sure it’s not just ethically sound but backed by technology. It’s also important to find out how they will communicate progress with you.

Contract review

Dig into the details on what the company offers for this aspect, to make sure the terms are favorable and fair.

Associated costs
It’s perfectly fine to price individual agencies that provide services against each other. Just be clear, though, on what a company will offer you and if you feel it features the most value for what you want to approach.

Compliance with government rules
Canadian agencies must understand the country’s changing rules concerning debt collection. Make sure they’re registered.

It’s the Government of Canada that registers the country’s debt collection agencies. There are a series of federal, territorial and city-based consumer affairs offices that keep these registrations on their files, and they can be found at the Government’s Office of Consumer Affairs website: ic.gc.ca.

What DCA can do for you

We believe that DCA is a great option for your needs with debt collection, for several distinctive reasons beyond those that are listed above. We work with you as a true partner to bring empathetic and efficient debt collecting to your business.

When you work with DCA, we take care of all the aspects of the service, whether it is collections only, customer care programs or product support. Having all of your needs met in one place can help with your own business costs, especially if all of these are offered at a high-quality level.

To learn more about what we can provide you, go to our website at debtcontrolagency.com.