Happy old businesswoman in headset making call looking at computerOne of the most challenging aspects of debt collection for a business is to find a debtor if they’re off the radar. There are certainly means out there to find someone on the internet, but it sometimes takes a more sophisticated tool to reach out again.

One of the techniques that we use at DCA is dynamic tracer systems. By employing this mix of technique and sophisticated technology, we can find debtors and then speak with them to make payment arrangements.

A proven methodology

Using tracer systems means that you can find someone who has lost contact with your company. Several important steps are a part of the tracing process.

The biggest step is to use databases that are available to a company such as DCA to find contact information about the debtor. By using a tracer program, we can find specific public records that can lead to contact information.

Among the records available include address history, court records, credit reports, phone records, tax records and vehicular history, among many others. The right kind of software can filter and find just about anything — if there’s a public record to be found.

It’s also important to locate the family and friends of a debtor, and a tracer program can do that step. Although there are rules to what information can be received from a family member or friend, it can be a key step in finding the person.

Once located, the debtor is usually approached by a company such as ours to work on completing the process of clearing the debt. It’s less about the judgment of whether they truly “skipped out” of the debt and more about offering a method for which they can pay and clear the debt from their record.

We work with you to clear debts

Whether we need to use tracer systems or there’s another solution that makes more sense for your clients, we at DCA pride ourselves in providing top service and ensuring that you have a positive experience. Not only that, but we want the debtors to also feel respected and empathize with their situation.

This is what gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace. We listen to the requirements and needs of every client and then work to deliver the best possible recovery solution.

To find out more about what we can do for your business, visit our website: http://debtcontrolagency.social5.net