"Delivery order" on the screen. Hands over the keyboard on laptoTechnology changes fast, and with it comes potential dents and divots in your customer experience. With all of the options available to a customer in the digital world, there are also changes that companies need to make to meet this way of interacting with customers.

It’s a good idea to think carefully about what you offer the customer as they navigate your digital commerce sites. It’s something that Debt Control Agency is well versed in, and we can help you meet those customer needs with the latest technology.

First, though, let’s look at what having a great customer experience really does for your business. It’s clearly not an optional aspect of doing business — it’s more like the guide to how to do all business. Having a great customer experience can lead to these great outcomes:

So, as you see, it goes beyond just making the customer “happy.”

One big way that you can strengthen the customer experience is to think harder about how the conversion process ties into their overall view of the company. Ask yourself these questions:

At the same time, three steps in the conversion process require a lot of thought as you try to make the customer experience better.

What our agents can do to help

Continuous improvement is a hallmark of what our DCA agents do with every customer they contact through CX systems.

Throughout the process, our agents are measuring KPIs and other data to make sure it’s effective. We’re also tracking every interaction throughout the process to truly see the steps. Lastly, we monitor everything to not only look at the results but also ways to improve the experience.

The benefits of a more focused CX program are numerous. There’s a decrease in average handling time so you can reach more customers more often. Plus, authentication can be automated for more efficiency.

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